About Us

  • Hi, I Am Queenie Kawabe, 

    Before we work together, I thought I would share about myself, my career path, and my passion for helping your business succeed. My ‘A-Ha’ Moment as an entrepreneur, you have had at least a few ‘a-ha’ moments in your career—here’s mine.

    I grew up multi-lingual, speaking English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and Bahasa. Since the world expands across a global marketplace, business owners must learn how to communicate effectively, and professionally, in their secondary languages, so I launched a language business designed to help professionals communicate with ease.

    As my language business grew, I had to learn how successfully to market and operate a joint offline/online business. When I Started My First Teaching Business In 2006, There were No Resources to build and market my business online. There were few Entrepreneurial Websites and even fewer geared towards the Asian market.

    Perhaps, I Was Too green, and simply unclear about How To launch an online business. Fast-forward to over a decade later, and while the online marketplace continues to grow at a rapid rate, There still Aren’t Many resources for online Entrepreneurs. This was my ‘a-ha’ moment and how Asianpreneur was born!


    You deserve to have both a life and business you love, and my goal is to help you get there!


    I began teaching private sessions and workshops, designed to help Asian business owners create a sustainable online-only business. The goal is to empower you to build a career that is profitable and allows you the freedom and flexibility to life a live that is fulfilling. I Love what I do. It Feels GREAT! Asianpreneur Will Inspire, Help, And Educate Asian Entrepreneurs And Business To Create A Life And A Business They Love. If I Can Do It, You Can Too!

    It’s Not All Work!

    As an entrepreneur, I wear many hats. I Am A Business Coach, Language Specialist, Speaker, And Podcaster. I Have Been Featured In Discover Your Talent-Do What You Love Podcast, Businessenglishqanda Podcast, Cafetalk, The Tao Of Self-Confident Podcast, Wiziq, And New Class Rising Podcast. Before The Asianpreneur Was Started, I Was Running An Online And Offline Teaching Business Since 2006. But it’s not all work.

    I live in Japan, coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs from all walks of life, but life is made for living, so I make sure I do what I love.


    Fun Facts About Me!

    • Queenie Is My First Name, Though It Is Not A Popular Name In Asia, and most of my friends call me ‘Kawaii’, which means “cute” in Japanese.
    • When I’m not working, I enjoy watching movies and catching up on my favorite TV shows with my husband, Cody—we’re huge fans of The Walking Dead!
    • We have two bearded dragons, named Amigo and Buddy, but I also love dogs. I’m a total foodie and enjoy cooking, hitting up the hottest new restaurant, and trying food from around the world.
    • I grew up bi-lingual, so I can’t really say what my ‘first’ language is, but I speak five languages fluently.

    If you are an Asian Entrepreneur or a business owner who operates an online business and who wants to learn how to connect, engage, and build a sustainable affiliate business, you’ve come to the right place. If I can do it, I’m confident that you can too, and I will be by your side very step of the way!